Case Study

The Grout Guy


Brad Young (a.k.a. The Grout Guy) approached Leon Sainken Advertising in 2016, feeling dissatisfied with his company’s advertising strategy to date.

The Grout Guy had a basic website, an unremarkable radio ad and two separate suppliers handling the company’s SEO and AdWords, but none of these were bringing in the new business needed.

Our agency took over all of the above and put an end to Brad’s days of dealing with multiple marketing reps.


LSA rebuilt The Grout Guy’s website and developed a new digital advertising strategy to ensure it ranked highly in search engine results. Our team also created a compelling new radio ad and the company’s very first TV commercial.

Amazingly, all this cost no more than The Grout Guy’s existing advertising strategy. However, the difference in results was dramatic.


Immediately after LSA launched the campaign, The Grout Guy experienced a drastic increase in website traffic and customer enquiries. In fact, the business grew so quickly Brad had to employ 12 new staff members and shift from his home office to bigger premises.

Given radio and TV advertising had worked so well for The Grout Guy, we advised capitalising on those channels and created brand new ads featuring a catchy jingle.

Again, the response was astounding. The Grout Guy received overwhelming feedback about the memorable jingle and experienced another significant growth spurt. The company is now looking to expand interstate.

We now have a very recognized brand and growth has been outstanding.

-Brad Young “The Grout Guy”

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